Application to obtain a grant

RR 2014 and RW 2014 will be offering scholarships to participants to partially cover participation costs. Scholarships will cover travel, registration fees and other expenses for attending the main conference, the doctoral consortium, and the summer school. A number of grants is reserved to US Students to attend RW2014/RR2014.

Students who need a grant are asked to submit an informal application (PDF) with

  • Applicant details, i.e. name, affiliation, title of the PhD Thesis, year of PhD, supervisor(s)
  • Motivation and research topic (max half a page PDF)
  • Estimate of the amount needed (EUR)
  • Confirmation letter (as an attachment in PDF) from his/her supervisor that proves that he/she has no possibility to attend the summer school/conference without additional funding and that he/she is full-time student

Applications must be submitted via Easychair following this link.